3Step Parenting Plan Online Frequently Asked Questions
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How Do I Know Which State to Choose?

You would typically create a parenting plan for the state in which you:
1. Reside.
2. Have filed or are in the process of filing for a divorce or separation.
3. Have already divorced or separated.
4. Have an existing custody order.

How Long Will It Take to Create My Own Parenting Plan?

The process takes an average of 40 minutes to answer the required questions and complete the parenting plan.

What do I do With My Parenting Plan?

1. Many states make it mandatory that you must file a parenting plan with the court before a divorce or custody order can be granted or finalized. If it is not mandatory, most judges, lawyers, and mediators will recommend that you have one anyway. This way all parties involved will be on the "same page" by putting your verbal agreements in writing.

2. Most parents will sign the parenting plan and treat it as a contract before and/or after they divorce. If a divorce does take place, the parents will usually continue to abide by the parenting plan after the marriage is terminated. In this situation, the parents may choose not to submit it to the court, unless disputes arise regarding what was agreed to.

Do I Have to Also Hire a Lawyer?

The 3StepParentingPlanTM service is designed for YOU to develop and execute your own parenting plan. You will be acting as your own lawyer and controlling your own situation. Should you need or desire legal advice or should your situation become contested, we do suggest you contact a divorce lawyer in your area. As a reminder, our support staff does not provide legal advice.

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This is a quality non-lawyer self-help parenting plan solution. The 3StepParenting Plan Documentation software is not staffed by lawyers therefore it is not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer. Divorce Source, Inc. does not practice law and does not give out legal advice. The software allows you to represent yourself in doing your own parenting plan. If you need or desire legal representation, have a contested situation, or have complex legal issues that cannot be resolved on your own, we recommend that you hire a lawyer.